Cloud-in-Hand® Mobile Timeclock Solution

How does Mobile Grid Timeclock Solution work for your business?
Your business employees are on-time and productive? If not, as you know they need to be.
This means employees need to be on time to work and allocate their working hours correctly.
How does HR track all of that data?
Timeclock Management is a problem that every business faces.

Check out this simple solution!

Mobile Grid Timeclock Since 2013

Cloud-in-Hand® Mobile Timeclock Solution uses the Mobile Grid app. This scalable solution is tailored to your business, to improve your business workflow.
The Timeclock Management solution is one of the many solutions that are provided with Cloud-in-Hand® Mobile Solution Platform.
This simple solution allows you to satisfy a crucial demand of HR: time clocking and task tracking.

Mobile Timeclock Tracks Job Times Everywhere

Unlike other timeclocks that are fixed on a wall, Mobile Grid works where you work. You have flexibility and collect and process task-job data on the spot. Moving rocks, pulling weeds, preparing soil, transferring goods, this timeclock moves with you, anywhere, and everywhere. You also record the GPS location of all the work.

Mobile Timeclock GPS location, works offline

Check out this video to see it in action:

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