iiPhone badge check in Builtin iPhone RFID NFC reader 300w

iPhone RFID Badge Check-In

iPhone 11 now supports reading RFID employee access badge CSN (Card Serial Number) – aka UID (Unit ID) – NDEF (NFC Data Exchange Format) from an NFC chip. has supported this feature since Apple’s update. This option along with unmatched number of methods to read RFID & NFC tag values have been provided since 2009. Finally you will do iPhone RFID Badge Check-In with the built-in iPhone NFC reader.

What is Core NFC?

Core NFC is Apple’s built-in NFC functionality in iPhones. Core NFC’s significant update with the release of iOS 13 provided vast new functionality. iPhone models since iPhone 7 can do this running iOS 13 and later. Including iPhone 8, X, XS, XR, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, etc. Here we a look at details of Core NFC updates and how these changes expand the capabilities of mobile NFC. Prior to this update iPhones read only NDEF data from ISO 14443 type tags.

NFC Tag Types

Multiple tag types now supported including NFC Tag Types 1-5, ISO 7816, ISO 15693, Felica™, and MiFare™. The Unique NFC chip ID, known as the chip serial number (CSN) can also now be read from tags. With Core NFC you can also now use the built-in reader to write to a tag NDEF data sector. You can also lock the data once it is written, preventing it from being changed.

iPhone RFID Badge Check-In and more

First, use stratus-io Time and Attendance for iPhone RFID Badge Check-In. Secondly explore the many other built-in iPhone NFC solution options available like: Asset tracking, attendance, joining loyalty programs, giving customers access to exclusive digital coupons, and display product information. Since NFC tags are programmable, you can also read them to issue commands and change settings on your phone or even begin multi-step workflows with the new Siri update.

Here is a short video showing how iPhone 11 is used by stratus-io app to read employee access badge CSN values for check-in.