Android Ohaus Defender 3000 Scale Wireless Weight & iScanBrowser Scanfob® PX20

Wireless enable Ohaus Defender 3000 scale’s RS-232 port with BlueSnap M6A.

Example video below shows Android Galaxy S6 Lite tablet posting weight readings from Defender 3000 scale via wireless connection.

Tap SerialMagic Keys COMMAND KEY to post weight as keystrokes to cursor location on any Android app, this example shows posting weight to cursor location with iScanBrowser app and Android browser.

iScanBrowser has powerful Web Form Rules (WFR) technology that post weights, measurements, RFID-NFC readings, barcode scans, and more, directly to the webpage and desired field without user interaction to tap for cursor focus. iScanBrowser also connects multiple wireless wireless (FAST) devices simultaneously.

iScanBrowser eliminates user errors that can happen when posting keystrokes.

Scanfob® PX20 2D wireless scanner with WFR shows how to open a specific URL and post data to desired field no mater what URL/field currently has focus.