Attendance and Time Tracking on Million Square Foot Construction Site

The Challenge:  Build a remote attendance and authentication process

Based in Providence, Rhode Island, Gilbane Inc., is one of the largest privately held family-owned real estate development and construction firms in the industry.

Recently Gilbane, Inc. contacted Serialio, an RF IDeas partner, to create a virtual subcontractor check-in point at one of its largest construction sites, a nearly one million square foot project. Because there would be no guards on-site to track attendance, Gilbane needed a remote process that would generate a record of when each subcontractor arrived and when the subcontractor left the property. Because subcontractors change over time, the company also wanted the ability to reprogram its existing subcontractor ID badges as needed.

The Solution: Weatherproof Bluetooth reader connected to iPad

Serialio recommended its idChampTM RS2 Bluetooth PROX HID reader solution, an innovative attendance solution that leverages RF IDeas’ pc PROX® Plus dual frequency programmable card reader. The reader connects Serialio’s Grid-in-Hand® Mobile Grid with any roster via Cloud-In-HandTM Mobile Cloud service to provide a complete connected solution that can be used even when the network is unavailable. Because the reader would be exposed to weather, Serialio provided its Durable version which is custom-fitted with shock absorbing neoprene inside a clear OtterBox®‎ case, making it waterproof, dustproof, and crushproof. Upon arrival to and departure from the construction site, each subcontractor simply taps his or her ID badge against the reader. The iPad connects to the Cloud-in-Hand™ Job Site Server and reports attendance data. The roster can be loaded manually or with scheduled synchronization to automate the process with other systems and is immediately accessible to Gilbane from any computer, tablet, or mobile device. Attendance sessions can be provided in numerous formats including Excel, CSV, PDF, and via many channels such as email, FTP, SQL, XML-RPC.

The Value: Mustering Saftey, Regulatory Compliance, and Tax Benefits

Results were immediate. The task of reconciling attendance used to be performed manually by searching through records. Once implemented, the solution enabled Gilbane to monitor/record the workforce on a daily basis and provide statistics to confirm their subcontractor reports. Now Gilbane simply runs a report from the Cloud-in-Hand™ Job Site Server, getting the needed information results in just seconds. As an added benefit, the system can be programmed to track subcontractor certifications, providing detailed reports to help ensure compliance. In case of an emergency, the new system can also let Gilbane instantly identify which workers are currently on-site and even look up emergency contacts.

Next Phase

Going forward, Gilbane is working with Serialio to develop a solution for its secure sites. Using the same process and same ID badges, subcontractors will be able to tap their badge, authenticate their ID, and unlock the security gates.