SerialMagic + BatchMagic Makes Inventory a Breeze

Our new (old school) scanners are working well. We love the BatchMagic OPN2001 Batch Laser Scanners because they are simple, reliable and surprisingly durable. Having designed inventory control systems in the 1980s, I knew exactly what we needed here and Serialio was a perfect fit. Our needs are actually quite simple compared to the vast array of products and methodologies supported and sold by Serialio; we just need to capture barcodes and time/dates and then download to Excel at the end of the day with a simple serial cable. SerialMagic Professional makes this incredibly simple. All of the products and support we have received from Serialio have always been outstanding. I have wholeheartedly recommended Serialio to other City departments that have examined our bar code operations. I have also recommended Serialio to friends of mine who own various small businesses in Texas. As a lifelong utilitarian, I always try to go first with what works best. Serialio works best!