Blue Pony Finds iOS Success With idChamp® NF2 RFID Reader

In our case, we were extremely fortunate to have aligned ourselves with Serialio who had a device that could read the NTAG216 NDEF chip embedded in the attendee badge formatted for. The idChamp® NF2 RFID-NFC Reader also reads other chip types such as the MIFARE DESFire EV1 NFC Forum Type 4 making it flexible for other trade show badge types. We had searched around for a while as it is not hard to find information on the technology but to find a captive audience who can help you make the right decisions along with superb customer service was almost impossible to find. Serialio worked with the development team to test scanned information and provided our team with the documentation necessary for us to implement and to test the badge scan process into the application to capture the leads information.