Within 10 minutes the SerialMagic Professional software was loaded and working on my BlackBerry OS 5 phone

I want to thank you so much! I had spent the last 3 days frustrated and unable to connect my Microvision ROV bluetooth laser barcode scanner to my BlackBerry OS 5 phone. I tried using the “Scanner Wedge” software provided by Microvision and after 2 days of calling and emailing tech support- they finally concluded that their software was not compatible with my Blackberry OS 5 phone! I was about to send the scanner back figuring there was no way to make it work. I then contacted support line and within 10 minutes the SerialMagic Professional software was loaded and working on my BlackBerry OS 5 phone! What a huge relief — I can’t believe how easy it was after I wasted so much time trying to get “Scanner Wedge” to work! Thank you again for your help!