. I have used Serialio and the LaserChamp Bluetooth

I have used Serialio and the LaserChamp Bluetooth wireless barcode scanner for a couple of years and really enjoy using them for a couple of reasons: It saves me a lot of time scanning in my book library, iTunes music pieces, CD/DVD disks, movies etc. My wife and I have more than 5,000 pieces of information which needed to be scanned into our Delicious Library and Serialio with the Laser Champ made that all possible. If I have a problem, I’ve always been able to reach support. Support has always efficiently and kindly answered all of my questions and has helped me set up the system if I have forgotten to do something. Serialio and LaserChamp are well worth the money because it will save you lots of time and keeps our libraries organized. Thanks, for all of your great assistance in the past and inventing such a wonderful, time-saving device.