I have been selling books for four years on Amazon

I have been selling books for four years on Amazon. For the first three years, I used a Socket Scanner with a Windows Mobile based phone. Several months ago, I switched to an Android based phone and called to find a compatible scanner. I have been in contact with several times to get tips on the functionality of the scanner Blueototh mobile laser scanner they provided for Android. Every time I do so, I get answers the phone call directly or get a call right back with required information.’s product knowledge is amazing – they really know the ins and outs. I appreciate the company’s enthusiasm and excitement about the product and am grateful that they have the uncanny ability to effortlessly explain technical steps to a technically un-savvy person. As for the Android Bluetooth laser scanner, it is lightning fast! It is simple to use and does not have a lot of complicated steps to perform when setting it up on my phone (unlike the Socket and other scanners I have used in the past). With the low price of the product and stellar customer service, you can’t beat!