Troubleshooting problems with SerialMagic Gears

Often time unpairing and repairing your Bluetooth scanner can resolve problems with SerialMagic Gears (especially after a major update). If you are unsure how to do this, refer to the steps below.

Unpair from SerialMagic Gears

1. Navigate to the Serial Device Manager (SDM)

2. Long tap on your scanner’s name.

3. Select the checkbox labeled “Also remove from device database” and tap “OK.”

Unpair from Android’s Bluetooth Settings

1. Navigate to your Android device’s Settings app

2. Navigate to Bluetooth Settings

3. Tap on the gear icon to the right of your scanner’s name

4. Tap “Unpair

Reset Your Device

If unpairing and repairing your Bluetooth scanner does not resolve your problem, try resetting your device. To find out how to do this, see this page: How to Reset Your Scanfob.

Restart Your Mobile Device

Another common cause of problems with Bluetooth devices is that your mobile device’s Bluetooth engine is in a weird state. Rebooting your phone or tablet will reset your Bluetooth engine. For best results, complete steps 1 and 2 above prior to restarting your Android device (don’t repair your scanner before restarting!)Need Help Re-Pairing with SerialMagic Gears?
See our article on pairing with SerialMagic Gears.
Trouble Reconnecting?
See our article on how to Reconnect to Your Scanner on SerialMagic Gears