How to use two BlueSnap adapters to create a SPP-HID bridge

This guide will demonstrate how to use two BlueSnap Bluetooth 2.1 to RS-232 Adapters to form a bridge to connect SPP and HID devices.

Step-by-Step Guide

1. Verify that your idChamp is set to connect to Android (SPP mode) and then power it on

2. Connect your BlueSnap SPP dongle to your PC with the configuration cables

3. Launch Terminal

4. Make sure your bit-rate, parity, and stop are correct and then click OK to connect

5. In JavaTerm (or your preferred terminal application):

→ Type $$$ to enter CMD mode

→ Type d to see device information

→ Type i to run Bluetooth inquiry

Note the idChamp Bluetooth address (you can copy/paste it into a Notepad, for comparison)

→ Type sr,{idChamp Bluetooth Address} to set the remote address on the BlueSnap

→ Type d again for device information.

→ Verify that REM={idChamp Bluetooth Address}

→ Type r,1 and the device will reboot.

→ Type $$$ to enter CMD mode

→ Type c to connect to remote address

→ Verify that the BlueSnap connects remotely via Bluetooth to the idChamp

--- to exit CMD mode.

6. Remove power from the BlueSnap.

7. Put the third switch on the BlueSnap SPP dongle into the up position to set it into auto-connect mode. It should now connect to the idChamp RS3 Reader when powered on.

8. Connect the SPP BlueSnap to the HID BlueSnap

9. Plug the power cable into the Bluetooth bridge

10. Verify that the the SPP BlueSnap green light is solid

11. Verify that the idChamp BT Connection light is solid

12. Connect the HID BlueSnap to the iOS device via Bluetooth

12.1. iOS SettingsBluetooth Settings

12.2. Once it shows up, pair it

12.3. Verify that the HID Bluetooth Connection green light is solid

13. On the iOS device:

13.1. Open app to collect data

13.2. Scan cards/tags into the idChamp RS3 Reader. Data should populate in the app on the iOS device