How to use SerialMagic Gears to setup your scanner

This support article will walk you through how to use the Scanner Setup feature in SerialMagic Gears.

1. If your Scanfob is not already paired with SerialMagic Gears, go ahead and pair it. If you need help, see our article on Pairing your Scanfob to SerialMagic Gears.

2. From the main screen of SerialMagic Gears, tap on the three vertical dots (Options button) at the upper right-hand corner (on the blue bar).

3. Select “Scanner Setup” from the drop-down menu.

4. Here you have a couple of quick options for setting up your Scanfob: You can enable or disable your Scanfob’s buzzer and you can adjust the Bluetooth engine time-out.Note: The Bluetooth Engine Time-out controls how long your Scanfob stays on before powering off to conserve battery. Setting a longer time-out will prevent you from having to re-connect your Scanfob, but your battery will drain faster.

5. After you have configured the options you desire, tap on “Setup.”