How to setup the Scanfob 2006 in BLE mode

This article provides the necessary steps for pairing the Scanfob 2006 Bluetooth barcode scanner with a BLE-enabled application on iOS or Android via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE mode). If you are switching from Bluetooth SPP to Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) due to a problem you’re experiencing with SerialMagic Gears, make sure to clear out any previous connections within the SerialMagic Gears device manager before following these instructions; doing so increases the likelihood of success. If you are unsure how to do this, refer to our article on the process here: Remove Previous Connections from SerialMagic Gears

1. Make sure your scanner’s Bluetooth radio is off (the blue LED should be OFF/not blinking). If the blue LED/Bluetooth radio is currently ON, you can turn it OFF by scanner this “Disconnect & Radio Off” barcode from your Quick Start Guide or by holding down the small square button until the blue LED stops flashing.

2. Once the Bluetooth radio is OFF, scan the control code for BLE mode. You can print this control code sheet and scan the “BLE” barcode. 

3. Make your device discoverable.  You can do this by holding down the small square button until the blue LED begins to flash or by scanning the “Make Discoverable & Connectable” barcode from your Quick Start Guide.

4. Launch the BLE-enabled application you wish to connect to. Examples of BLE supporting applications: SerialMagic Gears for Android, the RS3-NFC Setup app for iOS/Android, and yACK BLE for iOS/Android. 

5. Navigate to the connection/device manager for the BLE-enabled application.

6. Pair your scanner directly to the application (bypassing the host device’s Bluetooth settings)