How to setup the KDC200 for SerialMagic Gears

This support article provides step-by-step instructions on how to set up the KDC200 barcode scanner with SerialMagic Gears for Android.  Before continuing, make sure that you’ve charged your KDC200 for at least three hours.

1. Press both the up and down buttons simultaneously. This launches the “Setup Menu.”

2. Use the arrow keys to scroll down to “Bluetooth,” then press the Scan Button to select.

3. Scroll down to and select “Pairing.”

4. This triggers the KDC to begin the pairing process.

5. Launch SerialMagic Gears on your Android device and navigate to the Device Manager.

6. Tap on the plus sign near the bottom right corner of the Device Manager view. Then tap on the KDC when it appears in the “Discovered Devices” list.

7. If prompted for a passkey, type in “0000” or “1234” (these are the defaults).

8. After the pairing process is complete, the KDC’s screen will say “Bluetooth Connected.”