How to setup the BlueSnap for the Mitutoyo Absolute digital caliper & RS-232C converter (PN IT-007R)

This support article demonstrates how to set up a BlueSnap Bluetooth to RS-232 adapter for use with the Mitutoyo Absolute Digital Caliper and RS-232C converter. 

1. Set the BlueSnap’s jumpers for DTE.

RX =2
TX =3
RTS =7
CTS =8

2. Connect the BlueSnap adapter to a computer (Mac, Windows or Linux) using an RS-232 to USB converter. Once connected, launch JavaTerm or a similar terminal application.

3. Enable the RTS option for the terminal application.

4. Connect to the COM port that your computer assigned to the BlueSnap with the following serial communication settings (these are the default).

Baud Rate =115200
Parity =None
Data Bits =8
Stop Bits =1
Flow Control =None

5. Now it’s time to start sending the BlueSnap commands. The following commands will setup the BlueSnap for communication with the Mitutoyo Absolute Digital Caliper.


6. The R,1 command restarts the BlueSnap adapter, so once it powers back on we will have to enter command mode again by using the $$$ command. Then, we will check to make sure the settings are correct.


The d command should show Baudrt=2400.

The o command should show that Profile=MDM.