How to Set Up the idChamp RS3 (HSE or LE), NF2 (BLE version), or RS4 with iScanBrowser for iOS in BLE Mode

Follow the steps below to set up your idChamp RS3-HSE, RS3-LE, NF2-BLE, or RS4 with iScanBrowser for iOS.

1. Set the idChamp RS3 DIP switches to BLE mode.

2. Power on your RS3.

3. Launch iScanBrowser.

4. Navigate to the Device Manager. 

Serial Device Manager

5. Tap on your RS3’s Bluetooth name when it appears beneath “Bluetooth LE Devices

6. Navigate to your web app within iScanBrowser.

7. Navigate to iScanBrowser’s Settings by tapping on the settings gear.

Settings gear icon

8. Scroll down to the bottom of the settings page and tap on “Edit WebForm Rules

Edit Web Form Rules

9. Tap on “New Rule” (located at the top right-hand corner).

New Rule

10. Select “Use wizard

Use wizard

11. Tap on the field you want to use for input.

Tap on the input field dialog
Example input field

12. Select “Any focused input“.

Any focused input

13. Tap “Next” (Located in the top right-hand corner).

14. Optionally, specify “Only current site”, “Any page on this website” (selected for this example), or “Any site” (for a more general WFR).

Any page on this website

15. Tap “Next

16. Tap “Next

17. Name the WFR and toggle the slider for “Active” (this enables the WFR).

Example name
Activate Web Form Rule

18. Tap “Save