How to retrieve scanner info with Appload

This article demonstrates how to retrieve information from Opticon brand barcode scanners (Scanfob® 2006, 3002i, 4000n, 4000i, or KeyBatch BR2) by using the Appload application for Windows.

You will need the following — 

  • An Opticon Brand Barcode Scanner 
  • A Windows PC
  • Opticon drivers installed*
  • Appload installed*

If you haven’t already done so, go ahead and download and install the necessary drivers and software. Download Appload and the OPN drivers from [HERE].

Setup Appload

1. First, launch Appload. You can usually do this by navigating to the Windows start menu, then looking under “Recently added” applications. 

2. Plug in your scanner into your Windows PC via the USB to Mini USB cable that the scanner came with.

Select the COM Port

1. Click on “Settings,” then “Port.”

2. Click on the port named “Opticon USB Code Reader,” if it is not already selected.

Launch Appload’s RS-232 Terminal

1. Click on “Utilities.”

2. Click on “Show RS-232 data.”

Setup RS-232 Monitor

Now we need to make sure that the RS-232 terminal/monitor is configured correctly for connecting to the scanner and issuing commands.

1. Click on “Settings.”

2. Now hover over each option and make sure that the selected value matches the table below.

Port → Opticon USB Code Reader
Baudrate → 9600
Data bits → 8
Parity → None
Stopbits → 1
Format → ASCII
Local echo → On
IrDA Device → None

3. You will need to change “Format” to “ASCII.”

Retrieve Scanner Information

Once you’ve setup Appload and the RS-232 terminal (accessed within Appload), you’re ready to start sending commands and retrieving information from the scanner.

1. Turn on Capslock. This isn’t entirely necessary, but this can help prevent you from sending lower-case commands. All of the commands are all case-sensitive and the most popular ones (like the commands we will be using for this tutorial) are upper-case.

2. Type the following into the terminal —

  • 1. Press the Esc key
  • 2. Type Z3 (capital “Z”)
  • 3. Press the Enter key

The terminal will display the following (ASCII equivalent of what you typed in) —

4. The scanner will respond with a large chunk of text. Scroll up to the top of the terminal window.

5. The most important information (at least for troubleshooting purposes) includes the firmware version(s), the serial number, and the Bluetooth name. These values are highlighted and labeled in the screenshot below.