How to retrieve device information with yACK BLE for iOS

This support article demonstrates how to retrieve device information (in this case, we are retrieving information from the idChamp RS3 by using the yACK BLE app for iOS to send the get al command. The yACK BLE application is also available on Android

1. First, make sure that the device is in BLE mode. The yACK BLE application only works with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).

2. Install the yACK BLE application from the App Store. Then, launch yACK BLE.

3. Power on your device.

4. yACK BLE immediately begins searching for nearby devices once launched. When you see your device’s Bluetooth name, tap on it. Doing so will reveal several options; Open Console, BlueSnap Scale Panel, and Disconnect Module.

5. Tap on Open Console.

6. Now that you have the console open, we need to switch from Stream to Command mode.

7. Type in the command: get al. Then, tap the Send key.

8. After sending the get al command, the device (RS3) will send all of its settings and information to the console (as shown in the image below).