How to Record Attendance with Cloud-In-Hand Mobile Grid for Android

This article demonstrates how to take attendance with Cloud-In-Hand® Mobile Grid app for Android. The Cloud-In-Hand Solutions platform offers a myriad of options and customizations, but this page covers only the core attendance features.

Note: this article is still relevant, however this method has been superseded by Cloud-In-Hand stratus-io solution suite.

Log into your Cloud-In-Hand account

1. Log into your Cloud-In-Hand user account by navigating to Cloud Account Settings (from the sidebar menu).

If you don’t already have an account, click here to sign up OR click here to learn how to create an account. (You can also sign up from within the Mobile Grid application.)

2. After you have entered your username and password, tap on the back button (or the arrow at the top left-hand corner of the screen). If you don’t receive an error, you’re good to go!

Connect your barcode or RFID scanner

Before continuing, make sure that your Android’s Bluetooth is enabled and your barcode/RFID scanner is powered on and discoverable. This scanner should be in Bluetooth SPP mode or Bluetooth Low Energy mode.

1. Navigate to the Device Manager. 

2. Tap on the plus sign button to add a new device.

3. Tap on your scanner’s Bluetooth name when it appears beneath New Discovered Devices.

4. Once your scanner is connected successfully, you’ll see BT: 1 Connected at the top of the screen, beneath Cloud-In-Hand.

Adjust Mobile Grid’s settings for attendance taking

1. Navigate to Mobile Grid’s settings. 

2. Tap on Attendee check-in settings.

3. Tap on UPDATE ROSTER. This triggers Mobile Grid to download any attendee databases associated with your Cloud-In-Hand account.

4. Once Mobile Grid finishes retrieving the databases, you’ll be able to select the database you want to use from the drop-down menu beneath Attendee database.

The Attendee Check-In Settings view is also where you can set any additional options you want to use with your attendance database, such as enabling auto update database, assigning check-in sounds, etc.

5. Select Attendance or Checked-In from the drop-down menu (located beneath the sound options). Attendance is selected by default.

6. After you’ve finished configuring the Attendance Check-In settings, tap on the back button.

7. Mobile Grid will ask you if you are sure you want to update the grid columns to match your attendance database. Tap on YES.

8. You should now be on the Settings page. Enable Attendee check-in by toggling the slider to the right.

Record attendance 

Now you are ready to begin recording attendance! Your scanner may have disconnected due to inactivity while you were configuring the settings. To re-connect to your scanner, tap on the reconnect button (located at the bottom left of the screen). The reconnect burron triggers Mobile Grid to automatically connect to the last paired device, however, you will need to make sure your scanner is powered on and discoverable for it to work.

Scan your first ID card or barcode to make sure it appears in the grid.

Upload a grid 

After you have scanned a few ID cards or barcodes, you can upload the grid to your Cloud-In-Hand account. 

1. Tap on the three vertical dots (located at the top right-hand corner of the screen) to reveal the grid options.

2. Tap on Upload Grid.

3. Mobile Grid will upload the current grid to your Cloud-In-Hand account (as well as send the grid as an attachment to the email addresses specified on your Cloud-In-Hand account).