How to configure the BlueSnap AAA with OS X

This guide provides instructions on how to connect a Mac OS X computer to an external serial device with a BlueSnap AAA and CoolTerm (*or your preferred terminal application) You will need:

  • A Mac with a terminal application installed
  • BlueSnap AAA dongle

Step-by-Step Guide

Note: You must first configure your terminal application for communication with the BlueSnap’s default COM settings (shown below.)

1. Begin by connecting your BlueSnap AAA to your Mac

2. Navigate to System PreferencesBluetooth

3. Once the BlueSnap AAA is connected, launch your terminal application on your Mac

4. Navigate to Options Select your BlueSnap AAA from the port list

5. After selecting the port associated with your BlueSnap AAA, click “OK” and then “Connect

6. Once connected, you will see “Connected” and the time connected at the bottom of the screen

Now you can begin sending commands!