How to Send Scanfob Barcode Scanner Settings to Support


How to Send Scanfob Barcode Scanner Settings to Support

Required for this tutorial:

  • ● A Scanfob® Brand Barcode Scanner (applicable models include: 2006, 4000, 3002i, 2002*, 2005*)
  • ● The "Send Settings" control code (printed out)
  • ● An email application
  • ● An Android device (although this will work with any Bluetooth device, including iOS, Windows and Mac)
  • ● Your Quick Start Guide

* model is no longer supported.

Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1. If you are paired via SerialMagic Gears in SPP mode, you will need to first unpair your scanner completely.

Step 3. Scan the "HID - Keyboard" barcode from your Quick Start Guide.

If you no longer have your Quick Start Guide or you need to print out a new copy, visit the Quick Start Guide index.

Step 4. Scan the "Make Discoverable & Connectable" barcode from your Quick Start Guide.

Step 5. Pair your scanner from your Android Bluetooth Settings.

Step 6. Make sure that the scanner is paired as an "input device."

Step 7. Once paired, launch an email application, such as Gmail.

Step 8. Compose an email addressed to

Make sure the title includes your information (RMA number, order number or first and last name.)

Step 9. Make sure that your cursor's focus is in the "compose" field.

Step 10. Scan the "Send Settings" barcode.

If you don't have this code, you can download it in PDF format here: Download Send Settings Barcode.

Note: This will cause your scanner to send A LOT of text. Be prepared to wait at least 5-10 minutes for it to complete.

Step 11. After the scanner stops sending text, send the email.


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