How do I get a license key for my Software?

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1) Download software and install it on the computer or mobile device.
Download by clicking on the Download link at the bottom of the Order details in the Store, or get from Google Play, etc. 
Most versions of SerialMagic can also be downloaded from here:



2) Go to the Store Login page (if you are not already logged in).


3) Login using your Email address and password (Click the "Forgotten Password?" link if you do not know the password).

4) Purchase software (SerialMagic, Mobile Grid, Mobile List, etc) from the Software section of the Store.

5) After your order has been completed, the license keys will be available in your account. 
In the top-right corner of the store, go to My Account
Under the My Orders section, click License Keys

6) Choose the appropriate Platform, e.g. Android, Windows, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, PalmOS, Symbian Series 60, etc.

7) Launch SerialMagic on the computer or mobile handheld.

8) Enter a "Registration Name" and "Hardware ID" / "Device ID".


Hardware ID - Can be found on the Registration screen of SerialMagic software running on the mobile device or computer. See below.
Note: Hardware ID is the same as "Device ID" or "Computer ID" on some software products.



Use the following options inside of the Serialio software to find the registration screen with your Hardware ID:
Android - Menu key > More > Registration
Windows - Help toolbar > Register SerialMagic
Mac OS X - SerialMagic Professional menubar > Preferences > Registration
Blackberry - Menu key > Register
Windows Mobile - Menu key > Register
Symbian S60 - Options key > Registration > Enter Key
Palm OS - Menu key > Enter Registration Code



Registration Name - Can be all or part of your name (Example: "Bob"), or a Nickname for the device it is installed (Example: "Sprint phone.") 
If you have a Platform/Master license, make sure to choose a License type appropriate for the platform that you need.
Note: PocketPC is also known as Windows Mobile Professional. If you have a touchscreen Windows Mobile 5 or 6 device, choose PocketPC as your license type. 


9) Double-check to make sure you have entered the correct Hardware ID and/or Registration Name.

10) Click the "Generate Key!" button, then click "OK" to the pop-up message that appears.

11) There will be a Registration Key listed at the top of the page, please note this down in your records.

12) If on a computer, copy and paste the Registration Key into SerialMagic. If on a mobile device, transcribe the Registration Key shown on the site into SerialMagic on the handheld.




Under My Account > License Keys, licenses will show up as "Unused," or if used, display the license key that was generated.
For technical issues, please contact