Do NOT use the Zentri BLE OTA app with the BlueSnap Smart

We DO NOT recommend using the Zentri BLE OTA application with the BlueSnap Smart Bluetooth 4.0 to RS232 adapter. Using this application to flash the BlueSnap’s firmware will more than likely brick the device.

This is because the Zentri application loads the default firmware (the only firmware that should be loaded on the BlueSnap Smart is “minnow-1.0.05”). If you have made this mistake, your device will no longer have the “BlueSnap-XXXX” naming scheme and may not power on. This is NOT covered under warranty. However, there is a chance that you will be able to recover the device by following the instructions below.

If you used the Zentri BLE OTA application to update your BlueSnap’s firmware and your device is no longer working as expected, you will need to use the Zentri BLE OTA application to correct the issue.

1. Use the Zentri BLE OTA application again, while holding down the power button.
2. If the Zentri application doesn’t recognize your device, the unit is bricked and must be replaced.
3. If the Zentri application does recognize your device, you must hold down the BlueSnap’s power button throughout the entire process (this may take up to several minutes).