BlueSnap Smart DEX “Send Fail” Error in Movilizer app

This article shows how to fix the “send fail” error in the Movilizer app when using the BlueSnap Smart BLE DEX dongle.  

Connect your BlueSnap Smart with yACK BLE on iOS or Android

  1. Download the yACK BLE app from the iOS App Store or Googl Play Store
  2. Launch the app and connect to the BlueSnap 
  3. Tap “Command” on iOS or “STRM” on Android to switch from ‘Stream’ mode to ‘Command’ Mode

Change the Baud Rate of the device to ‘9600’

  1. In command mode, send the following commands (note: commands are case sensitive)
    • set ua b 9600
    • save
    • reboot

The device should now be ready to use with Movilizer.