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How to Setup a Koamtac KDC-200 Bluetooth barcode scanner for use with SerialMagic Professional.

This document outlines the setup process for using a KDC-200 Bluetooth scanner with SerialMagic Professional.

The KDC-200 will work with SerialMagic Professional on the following platforms: BlackBerry, Symbian Series 60,

Windows Mobile Pocket PC and Windows Mobile Smartphone, Windows 8/7/2008/Vista/2003/XP/2000.

1)Plug the KDC-200 scanner into an open USB port, this will begin charging the unit.

Note: USB port must be a fully powered USB port.

2) Let the scanner charge for at least 3 hours before using.

Note: Once the 2 small LEDs near the top of the OLED display turn green, the scanner may be used as long as external power is provided, until charge is full.

3) Launch SerialMagic and select Device Type: KDC-200

4) Press both Up and Down arrows on left side of scanner, simultaneously, this will launch the Setup Menu.

5) Press the Down arrow and scroll to "Bluetooth." Press the scan button on the front to select it.

6) Press the Down arrow and scroll to "Pairing."

7) Press the scan button on the scanner to select the "Pairing" option, the KDC-200 will begin pairing,

for a limited time allowing the host to discover and connect with it.

8) Initiate pairing from SerialMagic on the host device (computer or handheld).

9) When the host device asks for a Passkey, enter "0000" (four zeros).

10) Once the KDC-200 and host have Connected, the scanner will display "Bluetooth Connected."

If, when you scan a barcode, no data is delivered to your application, please check the following settings on the KDC-200:

Setup Menu > Data Process > Data Format > "Barcode only" should be set.

Also choose one of the following settings:

  • Setup Menu > Data Process > Wedge/Store > "Wedge only" when scanning in real-time (when scans are transferred immediately via Bluetooth)
  • Setup Menu > Data Process > Wedge/Store > "Store only" when scanning in batch mode (when scans are downloaded at a later time)
  • Setup Menu > Data Process > Wedge/Store > "W&S Always" when it is desired to have data sent in real-time via Bluetooth AND stored into scanner memory for later download.

For other issues, first ensure that SerialMagic is properly configured, then contact

Note: VIN scanning under glass. When scanning VIN numbers with KDC200 under glass on GM cars be sure to set scan angle to Wide. This is normally done when using SerialMagic setup, and can also be done using KDC200 menus: Scan Options > Scan Angle > Wide.

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