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Android Setup - Scanfob® 2002 Bluetooth Laser Barcode Scanner

Video: Scanfob® 2002 wireless Bluetooth barcode scanner for fast scanning on Android.

For setup on other platforms, please see the SerialMagic documentation for your platform in the SerialMagic Support Pages.

To begin, you will need the Scanfob 2002 Setup document. Download it here.

The screens below are shown from Android 2.3.

To see screens from Android 4 click here.


First, be sure that the Scanfob is charged.

If not, connect your Scanfob to given the USB cable and the cable to your computer or another power source.

Scan the SPP barcode located on the Setting up Scanfob® 2002 via Bluetooth with SerialMagic* side of the setup document.

Open the Settings application on the Android device, or press the Menu key from the home screen and choose Settings.

Then choose Wireless & networks followed by Bluetooth settings.

Scanfob Android pairing connecting bluetooth barcode scannerScanfob Android pairing connecting bluetooth barcode scanner

Make sure Bluetooth is turned on and scan the Make Discoverable & Connectable barcode

(or hold the small "function" button for 5 seconds until the scanner beeps) so that your device can find the Scanfob® 2002.

Tap the Scan for devices button and the Scanfob® scanner will be found.

Tap on the Scanfob® 2002 scanner name to begin pairing, and enter the PIN Code of "0000" (four zeroes).

The Scanfob® 2002 will be shown as Paired but not connected.

Scanfob Android pairing connecting bluetooth barcode scannerScanfob Android pairing connecting bluetooth barcode scannerScanfob Android pairing connecting bluetooth barcode scanner

Open the SerialIO application you wish to use, such as SerialMagic Gears, Mobile Grid, Mobile Order, Mobile List, etc.

Press the Menu key on your Android device to open the application menu.

Choose the Connect option from the menu and verify that the Scanfob is ready to connect, indicated by a flashing blue LED.

From the Select a device to connect window, tap on your paired Scanfob® 2002 scanner device to finalize the connection.

Android Setup - Troubleshooting

Q: The Scanfob® 2002 is paired to my Android device, but the application says that it cannot connect.

  • Make sure the Android device you are using is running Android 2.0 or greater.
  • Verify that the Scanfob® 2002 is connectable by scanning the Make Discoverable & Connectable barcode on the Scanfob® 2002 Setup document or by holding the smaller function button.on the scanner for 5 seconds before connecting.
  • The Scanfob® 2002 may be in the incorrect Bluetooth profile. Unfortunately, Android caches these device profiles, so the following steps must be performed:
    • Unpair the Scanfob® 2002 from the Android device by going into Bluetooth settings, then tapping and holding on the Scanfob scanner, and choosing Unpair.
    • Completely reboot the Android device by holding the power button and choosing Power off from the menu. During this time, set the Scanfob® to the correct Bluetooth profile by scanning the SPP barcode on the Scanfob® Setup document.
    • Pair the Scanfob again using the directions above.
  • Some devices have Bluetooth stack problems with older versions of Android. Make sure that your device is up-to-date.

    Known device issues:
    • HTC Droid Incredible with Android 2.1
    • HTC Evo 4G with Android 2.1

      Both of these device issues were fixed with the Android 2.2 update.

Q: Why can't I use the Bluetooth HID (keyboard) profile?

Android does not yet fully support Bluetooth HID. While some devices or applications may support Bluetooth keyboards, we do not recommend or support using the Scanfob 2002 in this way.

Read more about Bluetooth SPP vs. HID on the Scanfob® FAQ.

Click here to learn how to use SerialMagicKeys to type data into any application.

Q: Why aren't my scans appearing in the application?

  • Verify that the scanner is connected to the SerialIO application by looking in the top-right corner of the title bar.

    SerialMagic connected to Scanfob 2002

  • We have experienced some lower-end devices that are unable to maintain the data stream from the scanner. Several scans may be sent initially after connecting but soon the device will be unable to receive the scans, although it is still connected. The issue is not SerialIO software or the Scanfob® scanner, but some part of the device Bluetooth stack that interrupts communication.

    Known device issues:
    • LG Optimus One/Optimus S/Optimus T/Optimus V/Verizon Vortex
    • LG Ally

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