HowTo: Setup BlueSnap Module via Bluetooth using SerialMagic Gears Android app

The SerialMagic Gears Android can be used to setup the SPP (Serial Port profile) side of the BlueSnap Bridge.

(virtually all BlueSnap dongles and embedded modules for that matter)

First install the SerialMagic Gears Android app.

Launch SerialMagic Gears and use the Android Menu and pick the More option, then BlueSnap Setup.

Setup BlueSnap dongle via Android app over bluetoothSetup Roving Networks dongle via Android app over bluetooth

Tap Choose device to pick the Bluetooth device the SPP side of the BlueSnap Bridge will connect with, then tap on the desired device. 

The Bluetooth address can also be manually entered. Tap the Next button.

Android app set target Bluetooth address via Bluetoothsetup target Bluetooth address BlueSnap, Roving Bluetooth ModluleBluetooth address for Bluetooth to RS-232 dongle connection

Power on the BlueSnap Bridge. (or BlueSnap dongle or device with embedded BlueSnap module)

Tap Scan for devices to search for the BlueSnap SPP side of the bridge, and tap on it when it's displayed.

power up the BlueSnap module to connect withBluetooth SPP to HID bridge setup

Android will require entry of the Bluetooth PIN code to connect via Bluetooth and set the target Bluetooth address.

Tap in the entry field to display the on-screen keyboard, or use the physical keyboard of your Android device. 

Note: The SerialMagic Keys alternate Android keyboard is shown in the example below, the keyboard for PIN entry may be different on your Android device.

Bluetooth PIN entry for Bluetooth setup via BluetoothBluetooth PIN entry for Bluetooth setup via BluetoothBlueSnap SPP-KEY bridge setup complete via SerialMagic Gears

After setup is done SerialMagic Gears will disconnect from the BlueSnap. 

Now power off the BlueSnap Bridge and set the auto connect switch per the BlueSnap Bridge Setup Page.