Target Confusion: Lock Bluetooth Focus with NFC Tags

Today, our World is full of “smart” devices.
Thousands of devices that can send information between each other.
But how can they be so “smart” when it takes me a decade to connect my phone to my wireless speaker?
By making everything smart, my phone constantly switches bluetooth connection from one device to the other without me actually wanting to switch.

Luckily, there’s a smarter way.

What are NFC Tags?

Near Field Communication Tags, or NFC tags, are small chips that store and transfer information through the use of radio waves.
NFC is being used in many shapes and forms.
Since they can hold information, they can be programmed to do a specific task when read.

So how can this technology make your life easier?

Bluetooth and NFC Tags

Currently, most smartphones have a built-in NFC reader.
This means that if you held an NFC tag close to your phone, it would activate the tag and read the information.
As stated, NFC tags can be programmed to do a specific task.
This means that NFC technology can enable multiple devices to connect in a “smarter” way.
This NFC technology, when utilized in the workplace, can increase efficiency while decreasing confusion.

Check out this video to see it in action:

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