5 Reasons to Use Bluetooth Technology

The top five reasons your business will benefit from using Bluetooth Technology

1. It’s Wireless

No cables needed! Using bluetooth technology allows for items that would usually need to be hard wired or cabled to become wireless. This in turn means portability! Barcode scanners, printers, computers, mobile devices, RFID readers, calipers, scales and more no longer require a cabled mess in order to be actively used.

2. It’s Inexpensive

Because bluetooth is relatively inexpensive when compared with other forms of wireless technologies, most companies can implement and execute Bluetooth capable solutions economically. Furthermore, due to recent advances like Bluetooth Smart which utilizes a smarter power management system, the costs of implementation have become even more manageable.

3. It’s Automatic

Just connect and go! Turn on your Bluetooth radio on the host device. Put the partner device in pairing mode and you are ready to connect. It’s that simple!

4. It’s Standardized

From iOS, to Windows, to OSX, to Android, bluetooth is standardized method of communication.  This means for the consumer that it is not dependent on the operating system to function, and that the results of communication will not vary from platform to platform.

5. It’s Mobile

Unlike Wi-Fi, bluetooth does not require a fixed location to be able to function.  As long as you have two devices that both have Bluetooth capability, you can use this communication method virtually anywhere.