WiSnap™ WiFi RS-232 Setup

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The WiSnap WiFi RS-232 products provide seamless connectivity for most any RS-232 serial devices. The WiSnap WiFi module can be used to WiFi enable virtually all legacy RS-232 devices to the Internet. WiSnap technology enables simple, fast, and accurate data collection to any WiFi Enabled device. This includes iPod Touch, iPhone, BlackBerry, Symbian, WebOS, OS X, Android, Linux, Windows Mobile touch (Pocket PC, Classic, Professional), Windows Mobile non-touch (aka Smartphone), Windows 7 / Vista / XP / 2000, and more.


Connect RS-232 data to to iPhone, iPod Touch, and hundreds of other models of mobile phones and mobile Internet devices.

Video: Use WiSnap AAA with iOS devices (iPad, iTouch, iPhone) and NFC reader to scan RFID tag data into any website.
Video: Use WiSnap AAA with Protek 506 digital multimeter to capture readings to Android and send as Excel spreadsheet or post to MySQL.
Video: Use WiSnap AAA to manage network equipment using an iOS device (iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone).
Video: Wi-Fi Connected Barcode Scanning into iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch with KDC200 using WiSnap-BlueSnap bridge
Video: Using USB RS-232 serial adapter on OS X with JavaTerm to check the WiSnap settings and data collection.

Ultra Low Power WiFi RS-232 AAA Battery Operated AdapterWiSnap embedded Wi-Fi to serial embedded SMD module ultra low power best value

Setup WiSnap to Enterprise Wi-Fi network using WiSnap Setup app for iPhone and iPod Touch.

Capture serial data and barcodes to iPhone (or iPod Touch) using WiSnap in Ad-Hoc mode.

Setup WiSnap using JavaTerm app.

How To Create a COM-TCP connection from PC to WiSnap

The WiSnap can be configured over WiFi with a program like SerialMagic Professional.
The WiSnap can also be configured over a standard RS-232 cable using any terminal software such as TeraTerm and HyperTerm.

Enable WiFi data wireless to virtually any application with SerialMagicTM

WiSnap Wi-Fi RS-232 kit module M1 page.
WiSnap Wi-Fi RS-232 kit module M2 page.
WiSnap Wi-Fi RS-232 kit AAA adapter page.

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