Using Grid-In-Hand™ Mobile Grid to take Attendance on iOS

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This document outlines how Grid-In-Hand™ Mobile Grid is used for taking attendance.
This page requires the user to have an account with Attendee privileges.


In this example we paired an iPhone 4S with a Scanfob® 2006 Barcode Scanner; however, any barcode scanner that's
compatible with the Scanfob® scanner format can be used.


1. Account Administration

Login to the account assigned as the Attendance Manager and click on the "roster" option.


2. Upload and Map

Next to Upload CSV or XLS file, choose Browse to pick the database file you created to load to the Cloud-In-Hand server.
Click Upload.
The mapping view will appear so your file headers can be associated with their item function.
Drag each label to the correct box and click Submit.


map Excel,CSV headers Attendance iOS App

Note: Mapping keys with asterisks (*) are optional.
In this example the Image key is mapped to the uploaded file column name "Pic".
The "Pic" column must have the picture name stored on the device, or a URL to that image.
Note: On iOS devices images can be loaded via iTunes.


After database Upload and Mapping, the associated mobile device(s) can download the database for use.


3. Application Setup

On the iOS device, go to the Grid-In-Hand Mobile Grid application.
Tap Options > Application Settings and enter in the login info for the account.


Return to the Mobile Grid home screen.
Tap Options > MyData Manager in order to assign a database.
Tap Server List to see any databases associated with your account. Select the applicable database and tap Download.




Once the desired database appears under Server databases, select it and tap Download.
Tap the database once it appears under Local databases and select Use for Attendee in the popup.




4. Taking Attendance

Return to the Mobile Grid homepage and ensure the Scanfob® 2006 Barcode Scanner is connected.
Take attendance by scanning the barcodes associated with the attendees in the database.
Once a barcode is scanned, a popup will appear listing the attendee or prompting to enter information for any attendee not in the database.





Once all desired attendee barcodes have been scanned, tap Action > Upload this grid.
The grid will be sent to the Cloud-In-Hand account active on the iOS and the associated email account.



An advanced feature of Mobile Grid for Attendance is the use of Sessions. Sessions can be enabled so that groups of scans can be uploaded then sent via email collectively at the end of the session. Select the “attendee report” tab at and uncheck the box for “Each upload is one session”.

Note inside Mobile Grid on the iOS device that the Session toggle will reflect the Attendance Manager configuration at