Using Grid-In-Hand™ Mobile Grid to take Attendance on iOS

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This document outlines how Grid-In-Hand™ Mobile Grid is used for taking attendance.
This page requires the user to have an account with Attendee privileges.

In this example we paired an iPhone4 with a Scanfob® Wireless Scanner, 
however any barcode/RFID scanner that's compatible with the Scanfob® scanner format can be used.

Setting up the attendance roster

Login to the account assigned as the Attendance Manager and click on the "roster" option.

Next to Upload CSV or XLS file, choose Browse to pick the roster file to be loaded to the Attendee Manager account on the server. 
This file will then be downloaded using the Mobile Grid app to the mobile device(s).

Click Upload. The mapping view will appear so your file headers can be associated with their roster function.
Drag each label to the correct box and click Submit.

map Excel,CSV headers Attendance iOS App
Note: Mapping keys with asterisks (*) are optional.
In this example the Image key is mapped to the uploaded file column name "Pic".
The "Pic" column must have the picture name stored on the device, or a URL to that image.
Note: On iOS devices images can be loaded via iTunes.

After Upload and mapping, the associated mobile device(s) can download the roster for use.

Barcodes for the attendance database can be created a number of ways. 
One option is by using the free barcode tool at

The Free Barcode Tool has options for entering individual codes, doing code series, 
and also supports some common labels such as Avery 5160 and Avery 8167 formats. Free Barcode Tool also supports uploading files for barcode printing.

Taking attendance

On the iOS device, go to the Grid-In-Hand™ Mobile Grid application. Tap Settings and enter in the login info
for an Attendee User account associated with (in the same group as) the Manager account and tap OK.

To use Attendee Present mode (this displays the present attendees from the roster), 
scroll down to Grid Settings and set Mobile Grid mode to "Attendee".

In order to connect the device to the correct database, tap Action > MyData Manager and locate the Server database. 
If no databases are showing, tap Server List (below-left). 
If your account does not display any database(s) on the server contact the Attendee Account Manager.

Tap the database you want to use and a check mark should appear by it (below-center)
Tap Download and the database should appear under Local databases. 
Tap the database again and a pop-up should display. Select Use for Attendee mode (below-right)

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Now insure the Scanfob® Wireless Scanner is connected.
Take attendance by scanning the barcodes or NFC/RFID tags associated with each present attendee. 
Once finished, tap Action > Upload this Grid to upload the grid to the Manager's iScanList account.

A pop-up should appear asking if you want to start a new session. Select Yes, clear it. 
Starting a new session allows you to continue to check in present attendees, after you have uploaded a grid.
(eg. If students come in later, you can still count them present)

iPhone, iPod Touch Attendance with pictures barcode NFCiOS NFC attendance Barcodes Easy roster updates daily attendance iOS app

When all of the grids have been uploaded, the manager can view those absent two ways:

  • On Mobile Grid iOS app menu, tap Action > See who's absent. This will connect to the associated iScanList account
    and display what user account(s) uploaded roster names, when and how many attendees were scanned with that device.
    Also displayed is the total number of attendees, and a list of what attendees are absent.
  • At the end of attendance check-in, one device will tap "End current session", closing the attendance session.

show who's absent iOS fast easy Barcode NFCiOS app Attendance who's here who's not fast

  • Note: A computer can also be used to check attendee results. This will display which user accounts uploaded 
    grids; when and how many they scanned; the total number of attendees; and a list of which attendees are absent.

iOS attendance app in cloud NFC-RFID, barcode fast

All roster uploads are sent per the Attendee manager account settings via email/FTP/SQL/etc.
If data is not delivered as expected, use the option to resend (below).