Using GRID-IN-HAND® Mobile Grid for Full Job Details & Time Tracking on Android

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This document outlines how GRID-IN-HAND® Mobile Grid is used for tracking work time.

This page requires the user to have an account with Time Clock privileges.

In this example we used an Acer Iconia Tab.

AgriGeorgia uses GRID-IN-HAND® Mobile Grid's Mobile Time Clock feature to track agricultural workers' time for payment

1. Upload

An administrator signs into their Mobile Grid cloud account at, and uploads the company's data file.
2. Sync

A manager uses the Mobile Grid app to download the database onto their mobile device.

3. Check in

The worker checks in at the job site by tapping their ID badge to the card reader that is paired with the manager's
mobile device. Mobile Grid records their task start time.

4. Check out

The worker finishes their task and taps their ID badge again. Mobile Grid prompts for information about the task, and

calculates time, costs, and other desired results as defined by task parameters.

5. Push Data

At the end of the day, or as desired, the manager uploads all data from the mobile device to the cloud. The company
then reviews the data, and issues payment.

Employee information: 

Task information: 

Payment information: 

Task time summary: