SerialMagic Professional Data Connectivity Tool

Scanned Data to Keystroke Data for Mobile Devices

SerialMagic can make virtually any application RFID-NFC, barcode data-ready, on virtually any platform. SerialMagic Professional performs data entry, or data transfer, from many Bluetooth barcode, RFID and NFC scanners directly into applications that accept data input from keyboards, keypads, & soft keyboards. SerialMagic provides powerful control of this serial data, and allows the data to be used with programs that have no knowledge that SerialMagic is running. SerialMagic works with virtually all web and browser technologies, including XML, SOAP, ASP, JavaScript, PHP, CGI, Python, Java, and .NET.

Works with over 200 mobile devices, including Android and Apple devices.

SerialMagic is a cross-platform, lightning fast, feature-rich program that allows data entry from nearly any Bluetooth device that sends data over Bluetooth SPP (Serial port profile). Also works with legacy RS-232 serial devices (including those connected via Bluetooth RS-232 modules) into virtually any application.

See more powerful ways to use SerialMagic.


One of the most popular uses of SerialMagic is to provide a 'serial port wedge' or 'serial data wedge' for serial devices such as barcode scanners and scales. SerialMagic puts the bar code data from the scanner directly into the selected data field instantly.

Unlike simple keyboard wedges SerialMagic provides many powerful features, like allowing automation of user tasks and EnduraScan(tm) technology that allows SerialMagic to provide up to 3 times the battery life for mobile devices when scanning with the LaserChamp Bluetooth barcode scanner.

In addition, SerialMagic is available for Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Symbian S60, PalmOS, OS X, Windows, and more. Download SerialMagic, and see how easy it can be to simplify your data connectivity. SerialMagic will easily help utilize your serial devices to their best potential. Unlike other software "wedge" products from other vendors, SerialMagic enables fast and powerful integration with other applications and workflows using the SerialMagic Actions Profile (SMAP) feature.


For example, one popular use of SerialMagic is to barcode-enable Track-it! from Intuit Software. Track-it! does not natively support barcode scanning, but SerialMagic allows barcode data to be inputted directly to Track-it! and virtually all other popular inventory and tracking programs.

See powerful ways to use SerialMagic.

Unmatched Cross-Platform Suppport
Android devices with built-in Bluetooth. 
BlackBerry devices with built-in Bluetooth. 
Windows Mobile 6 and 5 devices with built-in Bluetooth. Both touch screen, and non-touch screen devices.
Palm OS 5.x devices with built-in Bluetooth.
Symbian Series 60 devices with built-in Bluetooth.
Apple OS X 10.5+ with Bluetooth or USB to RS-232 adapter.

Windows Desktop/Server with Microsoft Bluetooth Stack* or USB to RS-232 adapter.
*Supports Serialio BlueSnap USB, Windows Built-in Bluetooth, and Generic Bluetooth Dongle.
Currently Widcomm/Broadcomm Bluetooth, Toshiba, or other 3rd Party Bluetooth stacks are not supported.
(contact us for volume opportunities, and we can provide this support)
Please see this Application Note on Removing 3rd Party Bluetooth

Download and see for yourself.

For information on supported platforms and to download SerialMagic, click here.

 SerialMagic Support | SerialMagic API page

OEMs - license the SerialMagic Engine

Have an existing software product, and want to enable it to talk with barcode scanners, RFID readers, scales, and other devices? Why spend months of effort and tens of thousands dollars? Use the SerialMagic engine and have your application enabled today! Contact usPrincipalm is barcode enabled using the SerialMagic engine.

SerialMagic Professional Data Connectivity Tool products
Scanned Data to Keystroke Data for Mobile Devices

General features - Android

  • Vibrate device on scan (when supported by hardware)
  • Battery level notifications
  • Bluetooth SPP Master and Slave connection modes
  • Supports Bluetooth Smart Tilt Sensor
  • Supports built-in NFC reader/writers
  • Data Filter options (ignore duplicate scans)
  • Auto-reconnect
  • Wireless trigger RFID-NFC-UHF, barcode, scales, calipers, sensors and other devices
  • Bluetooth Smart (BLE) connections (selected BLE devices included, contract with us for any BLE device)
  • SerialMagic Keys can post RFID-NFC-UHF, barcodes, scales, calipers, sensor data to cursor location of any app
  • API for 3rd party apps to get data via Android Intents, check and make connections, and more.
  • Post NDEF data from vWand as keystrokes or via Android Intent using SMG SDK

RFID Features - Android (selected scanner models e.g. Scanfob® Ultra-BB2, NFC-BB2, N330B, idChamp 1128, 1126, 1153, vWand, IP30 and more)

  • Power control
  • Write EPC and user data memory
  • Read EPC/TID/CSN/UID & user data memory
  • Format ASCII, HEX, DECimal, DEC Bytewise, RAW
  • Constant read mode
  • Button trigger mode
  • Trigger via Bluetooth or WiFi connection


SerialMagic Pro with Cognex DataMan 7550

SerialMagic Pro is the solution our Logistics department uses with our Cognex DataMan 7550. We needed an application that was easy to use and easy to deploy and the guys at Serialio provided exactly that. Serialio also excels when it comes to technical support with a service that is prompt and thorough provided by people who are both competent and friendly. Thank you!

SerialMagic leads the comptition again - this time on Vista

SerialMagic is ahead of the game by providing Vista compatible software for a multitude of Bluetooth devices. We are deploying new handheld salesman devices and had purchased the Socket Mobile CHS7E scanner. Wanting to implement Windows Vista Tablet we found Socket Mobile's included software didn't support Vista but SerialMagic did. Now we can implement the latest technology without having to wait for the manufacture to catch up.'s technical support is also impressive, they helped walk me through setting it up over the phone even while only using a trial version. Needles to say I purchased SerialMagic Professional and would highly recommend to anyone. Grattan Fastening Products

SerialMagic OS X does the 'impossible'

I recently purchased an Intermec SF51 Bluetooth barcode scanner. Intermec told me there was no way that the SF51 would work with a Mac. I can't tell you how pleased I am that the SF51 Bluetooth barcode scanner works on my Mac using SerialMagic Pro for OS X! Continually amazed.

SerialMagic Professional OS X with SR61 Bluetooth Scanner

Thank you for a great product! We are using SerialMagic Professional with an Intermec SR61 handheld cordless Bluetooth scanner. We scan data into OpenOffice on a Mac under OSX 10.5 (Leopard release). We will be buying a few more licenses for all our users who have an occasion to use the scanners. It works perfectly! Your SerialMagic software is the Key!

Bring The Cows Home with SerialMagic and Allflex Stick Reader

Thanks for helping me setup SerialMagic Professional to enable the Allflex Stick Reader in reading RFID tag numbers into Excel Mobile on my Windows Mobile PDA. I have used the “match

SerialMagic Keeps International Airports Humming

SerialMagic is a core part of our business. McAfee had improperly marked the SerialMagic program so I sent an email to, and in 10 minutes I got a reply. That’s good stuff. Plus, while I was working with McAfee on the issue was too. I love that. Not only did point me in the right direction, you FOLLOWED UP! That is very important in this field of work. Thank you very much for all your help. With out you guys our International Airports would not function.

SerialMagic Pro OS X Manages Digital Micrometer & Caliper Data

I am successfully and happily using USB RS-232 and SerialMagic Pro OS X to input readings/measurements from a Mahr 40EX digital micrometer AND a Mahr VC045 digital caliper. Data is put directly into Filemaker Pro system. There doesn't seem to be any micrometer maker who makes Mac OSX drivers or software. SerialMagic Pro OS X bridges the gap very nicely.

TROVAN RFID Readers on OS X with SerialMagic

We use SerialMagic Professional OS X with the TROVAN LID-608 RFID reader and LID-572 pocket reader. (for more info on TROVAN RFID equipment: SerialMagic provides a handy, easy-to-launch and easy-to-learn interface to drop readings directly into Microsoft Excel. Ideal for our purposes!

SerialMagic Brings Sartorius Micro-Balance Data to OS X

SerialMagic is used to connect Sartorius micro-balance through Serial RS-232C to USB converter and a simple null-modem type RS-232C converter which I made myself. We use SerialMagic to directly put the weight data from the balance onto Excel running on Mac OS-X. It works well. I contacted Serialio technical support  and within a couple hours got my question answered, even though it was at night.  I was very impressed with Serialio's punctuality and knowledge.

SerialMagic Helps with HIPAA Compliance

PharmacoMedia is a pharmaceutical and healthcare communications company who has implemented a client survey system to collect healthcare data from patients. In order to adhere to strict HIPAA guidelines and protect confidential patient healthcare information, barcodes are used on our surveys to allow data collection on the same person over time without disclosing any personal data on the survey forms. We use the Bluetooth scanner and SerialMagic Professional software on OS X and Windows to help accomplish this task. The scanning solution works very well to speed data processing while significantly reduce data entry errors.

SerialMagic Increases Efficiency up to 300%

I recently purchased SerialMagic Professional for my Samsung SCH-i760 smart phone with Windows Mobile 6.1. I can not express in words how grateful I was to find

After a substantial investment in time and money on the Intermec SF51 cordless scanner and charger, I was dismayed to find that it would not pair with my mobile device. I spent hours pouring through complicated Intermec manuals and on the phone with Intermec customer support. While courteous and willing to be of service, Intermec technical support simply had no idea even how to begin addressing my pairing problems. The company is simply not accustomed to dealing with folks trying to link their scanners to smart phones, PDAs, etc. I thought my endeavor was doomed to failure and was very close to cutting my losses and giving up when I discovered Serialio.

Within a few moments of explaining my plight, Serialio technical support understood and diagnosed my problem. Ten minutes later, they had my scanner paired with my phone and I was scanning barcodes. I can not over exaggerate my jubilation. Yesterday, I purchased the touchscreen edition of SerialMagic Professional and put my SF51 to work scanning large batches of UPC labels to my phone. I reckon that my efficiency increased by 200-300%! Serialio really saved my butt on this one!

Unmatched Bluetooth scanner device Suppport 


  • Give your solution freedom for use many different scanners, don't get locked in to 'free' software included with scanners.
  • SerialMagic runs on over 500 mobile device models: phones, tablets, PDAs, and Mobile Internet Devices (MID)
  • Supports Scanfob® 2005 & 2002 Bluetooth scanners 
  • Supports LaserChamp (aka Microvision ROV, and Flic) Bluetooth scanners
  • Supports Intermec SF51 and other Intermec Bluetooth scanners
  • Supports Honeywell (Metrologic) Bluetooth barcode scanners 
  • Supports Opticon Bluetooth scanners
  • Supports Motorola (Symbol) Bluetooth scanners
  • Supports Socket CHS7 & CRS9 series Bluetooth scanners (CHS 7E, CHS 7M, CHS 7P, CRS 9M, CRS 9P)
  • Supports Koamtac KDC200, KDC250, KDC300 Bluetooth scanners
  • Supports Restock SS BT-M2 Bluetooth scanner 
  • Supports WASP WWS800 Bluetooth scanner See WASP configuration note
  • Supports many other model Bluetooth scanners

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