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Tailored Solutions Application Suite

Cloud-in-Hand® Mobile Cloud a fast, simple, and cost effective way to collect and process data on a mobile iOS, Android, or Windows device. Cloud-in-Hand® application suite provides a wide range of applications including attendance, inventory, asset management, order taking, and much more.



Don't Settle for Out of the Box!

Cloud-in-Hand is unique because it is customized to fit your business: from the interface to automated reports. Cloud-in-Hand® application suite is feature rich: including real-time reporting, email and text message alerts, signature capture, and more.

And Cloud-in-Hand® solutions easily integrate with existing database and back-end data management system including ERPs, LRPs, SAP, webstore, or order fullfillment system. Tell us your bright ideas and we will bring them to life.





The Power of Bluetooth Scanners

Barcodes and RFID tags make data collection accurate and fast. We carry a comprehensive selection of wireless RFID and barcode scanners and our experts can help you integrate these powerful technologies.



Thousands of Solutions Delivered:

Taking Attendance 'See Who's Absent' on Android

Taking Attendance 'See Who's Absent' on iOS

Inventory Counting with database example on Android

Inventory Counting with database example on iOS

Simple Inventory Counting example on Android

Room Asset Inventory with Signature on Android

Job Time Tracking and Attendance on Android

Job Time Tracking and Reports on iOS

Job Details & Time Tracking with Signature on Android

Capture Active RFID tag serial numbers, site code, location and temperature readings to Android and iOS using WiSnap

Low cost mobile inventory counting solution for BlackBerry with a spreadsheet

Mobile Wireless Data Capture via Bluetooth from Precision Digital Caliper with RS-232 serial interface

Capture RFID, NFC, GPS and other readings to Windows Mobile devices and phones

Mobile low-cost inventory counting HIBC labeled items on BlackBerry

RFID Journal '14 - Using Built-in NFC on Android

Delivery Order Verification on Android 

Mobile Grid on Android
Attendance apps with three RFID readers simultaneously (PROX, NFC, GEN2/UHF) on Samsung Galaxy S3

Fast UHF GEN2 RFID inventory counting with Mobile Grid on Android & iOS

iScanRoster Mobile Attendance Management with Prox HID NFC Reader on Android

Room inventory via Barcode & RFID simultaneously on Samsung Galaxy Note

Trimble T41 with wireless Scanfob® RFID & Barcode Readers

Scanfob® NFC Reader with iScanReach Extender for Long Distance NFC Reading

Mobile Attendance and Role Taking with both Android and iOS simultaneously

Kindle Fire HD NFC-RFID, UHF, Laser Barcode Resource & Asset Management Apps

Mobile RFID GEN2 Reading with Mobile Grid on Android

Read UHF GEN2 RFID tags to Samsung Galaxy Tab Spreadsheet

Pocket-sized GEN2 UHF RFID with Android mobile phone Spreadsheet

Mobile location-aware attendance tracking with Android HTC G2

Fast inexpensive mobile ticket check-in on Android

Mobile attendance on Android tablet with USB NFC reader

Android NFC reader for mobile attendance tracking with Samsung Nexus S

Intermec IP30 RFID reader makes Excel spreadsheet on Android

Motorola Xoom Android and GEN2 RFID Tire Tag Data Capture

Display media based on NFC tag value with Mobile Grid Media Player

Convert RS-232 Serial 2D Barcode scanner to wireless

Use BlueSnap AAA to send RS-232 barcode scans to Android phone via Bluetooth

Mobile Grid on iOS
Mobile Attendance and Role Taking with both iOS and Android simultaneously

Bluetooth Barcode and RFID readers simultaneously with iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

idChamp RS2 Bluetooth HID Prox NFC Reader for iPad, iPhone, iTouch

iPad, iPhone, iTouch NFC reader scans RFID tag data into any iOS app (shows iScanBrowser, Mobile Grid also works)

Use Allflex 125 kHz Stick Reader to read RFID livestock tags to ANY iOS apps (iPad, iPhone, iTouch)

Use Scanfob® UHF GEN2 RFID Bluetooth reader scan RFID tags to ALL iOS apps on iPad-iPhone-iTouch

Leica Disto D8 Laser Distance Meter with iPad2, iPhone, iPod Touch

Scanning barcodes to iPad2 / iPhone4 with Honeywell (LXE) 8650 Bluetooth Laser Ring Scanner

Use Scanfob® NFC-RFID Bluetooth reader to scan data to browser or any app on iPad and display iOS on-screen keyboard

Use Scanfob® NFC-RFID Bluetooth reader with SPP-KEY Bridge to collect data to spreadsheet on iPad

How to use a Made For iOS Bluetooth Scanner with Grid-in-Hand™ Mobile Grid App

How to use a Soft Keypad on iPad with Scanfob 2002 Bluetooth Barcode Scanner

Mobile Grid on Symbian
Using a Scanfob 2002 Bluetooth Barcode Scanner with Mobile Grid on a Symbian Phone

Fast and Easy Grocery Store Restocking

Mile High Grocery Supply Inc. is a distributor to over 100 grocery stores in Colorado. has provided an very easy to use restocking solution and the support provided has been exceptional. Workers can take orders 50% faster than previously. Reorder errors are eliminated due to bar code capture.

Mobile Bicycle Valet with NFC on iPad - iPhone - iTouch

My company provides bicycle valet service in Portland Oregon. Bicycle valet is a very new industry in the United States so we had to the opportunity to start from scratch to develop a system to check in and out bicycles. We choose to use to provide our solution with Grid-In-Hand® Mobile Grid iOS app, and the idChamp RS2 NFC reader. Their customer service is fast, professional, and have always helped us to solve any problems. Here is a video showing how we have integrated out idChamp RS2 NFC reader into our valet service.

Grid-In-Hand® Mobile Grid with KDC200 for Security Inspections

A recent addition was made to our security department, using the KDC200 mobile wireless laser barcode scanner with Grid-In-Hand® Mobile Grid software. This has taken our security department to a new level of patrol quality and performance. Our security personnel are required to perform 17 preventative maintenance tasks and safety Inspections throughout the work week along with their directed patrol duties. This was beginning to become a very tedious record keeping process and time consuming work process when having to carry a clip board with you everywhere you go. We have now bar coded each of the 17 PM’s and are now working at a far more proficient level and with secure mobile data upload we are able to increase the supervisors efficiencies as well. The estimated work related cost savings for our department is approximately $6,000 dollars per year in record keeping and employee labor. We are proud to be customers. I recommend this equipment and software to all security professionals

Note: Device may not be exactly as pictured.