SerialMagic In The Field: Using Allflex RFID Stick Reader for individually tailored livestock breeding

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SerialMagic Professional for Windows provides powerful way to facilitate real-time livestock processing

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The JHL Ranch in Ashby Nebraska has developed a computer assisted program to facilitate customized livestock breeding.

SerialMagic Professional is used with Excel software on Windows, and a BlueSnap USB module connecting the Allflex Stick RFID Reader.

Business Situation

Artificial Insemination using mass breeding and individually tailored mating.


Livestock (cattle) are prepared to allow processing for artificial insemination.

Livestock Artificial Insemination preparation

Cattle are queued up for processing. In the queue cattle EID tags are read using an Allflex Stick Reader.

SerialMagic based solution allows cattle EID tags to be read 7 to 8 animals ahead of processing reading data from the Stick Reader via a USB BlueSnap Bluetooth module.

BlueSnap module has sufficient power to connect to the Stick Reader from the metal barn all the way down the livestock queue line.

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Livestock Artificial Insemination preparation AllFlex Stick Reader

SerialMagic provides Excel spreadsheet information giving the technician lead-time for semen selection & thawing thereby improving accuracy, timeliness, and reduction of headaches associated with system before SerialMagic was used.

SerialMagic software and BlueSnap hardware work flawlessly

Livestock Artificial Insemination preparation technician PC view

Benefits of Solution

  • Improved accuracy for correct semen selection
  • Saves time
  • Reduced stress
  • Facilitates processing 80 cows per hour for 5 hours
  • support above and beyond expectation

For JHL Ranch information contact Art Brownlee 308-458-2373

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