Bluetooth Wireless Digital Multimeter Readings Android, Windows Phone & More

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BlueSnap Bluetooth RS232 serial adaptor allows data capture from multimeters to mobile phones and mobile Internet devices.

Need to capture multimeter readings to Smart phone/table like Android & iOS?

BlueSnap AAA allows data to be captured on mobile devices from multimeters supporting RS-232 interface.
[Works on iOS if device to send data to iOS sends ASCII format, and can be triggered from the device]
For connecting to iOS devices (iPad / iPhone / iTouch ) that need trigger sent via software use the WiSnap AAA.

Below shows some examples of using Protek 506 with BlueSnap AAA Bluetooth RS-232 module connected to Protek 506 RS-232 interface to capture multimeter readings to mobile phones.

SerialMagic & Mobile Grid apps capture multimeter readings to many mobile phone and mobile Internet devices like Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile (touch and non-touch), Palm OS , Symbian S60, and more.

Pictures below show BlueSnap AAA is used wirelessly capture temperature readings to mobile phones from a Protek 506 multimeter.

To use with Protek 506 must have BlueSnap DTR modification, firmware version 4.77, Setting for 1200 baud, Even parity, 7 data bits, and have jumpers set for DTE.
See page 24 of the BlueSnap manual for DTE jumper settings.
Note: WiSnap AAA will NOT work with Protek 506 since it needs Even parity and WiSnap does not support parity.

Use BlueSnap AAA with Protek 506 digital multimeter to capture readings to Android and send as Excel spreadsheet or post to MySQL


Wireless Digitial Multi-Meter Android, iOS, Windows, OS X, Windows PhoneWireless Digitial Multi-Meter iOS iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch
Note: Protek 506 requires 0x0D to trigger reading.
Below shows how to setup Mobile Grid app to trigger reading using Android phone-tablet volume-up button press.

Trigger multimeter & sensor reads with Android device volume-up button press.