SerialMagic In The Field: Capture multimeter readings to mobile phones with BlueSnap

BlueSnap Bluetooth RS232 module allows data capture from multimeters to mobile phones and mobile Internet devices.

More ways to use SerialMagic

Need to capture multimeter readings to a mobile phone or mobile Internet Device (MID)?

BlueSnap AAA allows data to be captured on mobile devices from multimeters supporting RS-232 interface.

Below shows some examples of using Protek 506 with BlueSnap AAA Bluetooth RS-232 module connected to Protek 506 RS-232 interface to capture multimeter readings to mobile phones.

Want to do this on iOS devices? iPad / iPhone / iTouch (aka iPod Touch). Use the WiSnap AAA.

SerialMagic can capture multimeter readings to many mobile phone and mobile Internet devices like Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile (touch and non-touch), Palm OS , Symbian S60, and more.

Pictures below show BlueSnap AAA is used wirelessly capture temperature readings to mobile phones from a Protek 506 multimeter.

Note: Protek 506 and other Protek meters require the DTR modification for the BlueSnap AAA and WiSnap AAA.

Video: Use BlueSnap AAA with Protek 506 digital multimeter to capture readings to Android and send as Excel spreadsheet or post to MySQL.

Protek 506 RS-232 Bluetooth BlueSnap AAA BlackBerry 8830Protek 506 RS-232 Bluetooth BlueSnap AAA HTC S630 Windows Mobile