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...I like the ease of configuration. I had it set for our own unique parameters to interface with our Cisco devices in less than 40 seconds after install. I also like the ability to split the send and receive screens. I wish this feature existed on Hyperterminal, Putty, and SecureCRT. It keeps me from getting lost in what I am typing... testimonials.

JeTermZ is a GUI terminal program for Zaurus family PDA. Works with Zaurus SL-5500, SL-5600, SL-6000, SL-C700, SL-C750, SL-C760, SL-C860.

Looking for a GUI terminal program for the Sharp Zaurus? JeTermZ is a handy terminal program for the Sharp Zaurus family of PDAs. This program provides a quick and easy interface to serial ports of the Zaurus. The serial port can be a built-in serial port, a CF card serial port, or a network based serial port like ZDevMaster. JeTermZ allows you to easily communicate with virtually any RS-232 serial device. You can even send hex values directly using the Zaurus keypad.

Use JeTermZ with ZThinCable RS-232 for quick work in serial communications.

This program requires Java Download Jeode Java for Zaurus (for ROM versions where not included).

"I happy to report my Z is communicating fine with my Sun boxes using ZThinCable. You can count me as another satisfied customer...." customer testimonials.

JeTermZ is a breeze to use compared to minicom.


JeTermZ provides a useful feature set.

  • Use with virtually any RS-232 port, even over the network
  • Visual indicators for CTS, DSR (Zaurus hardware does not support CD)
  • Set DTR, RTS with a simple screen tap
  • Show incoming data in HEX format
  • One window terminal mode, and split windows for send/receive data
  • Send file contents to the serial port
  • Capture incoming data to a file
  • Send data and wait for specified response
  • Simple port configuration with a GUI (much easier using minicom)
  • Split send and receive data windows with adjustable sizes
  • Send BREAK character
  • Check the battery and external power status

Note: When using JeTermZ on the SL-5500, there is slightly more useful screen area when used with ROM 3.10 and later.

JeTermZ split screen, display incoming data as hex, and with horizontal scroll bars disabled and using small font, showing the Redboot help command connected to the DevMaster.

More screens.