Scanfob® 2006 Bluetooth Barcode Scanner

Featherweight Bluetooth Wireless Laser Barcode Reader with Batch Storage
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Scanfob® 2006 Mobile Wireless Bluetooth Barcode Scanner - Small, Fast, & Reliable

Our best selling and highest rated 1D Scanfob® Scanner.  The Scanfob® 2006 is a hand-held 1D barcode scanner, which can send data to a numer of devices, including Android devices, Apple iPhones and iPads.  Use this reader to scan data into your bluetooth-ready device faster, more reliably, and store the data internally or transfer data to the cloud with our mobile application suite. 



  • Scanfob® 2006 Mobile Wireless Bluetooth Barcode Scanner
  • Scanfob® 2006 Quick Start Guide
  • USB-A Male to Scanfob® 2006 Scanner Cable
  • Nylon Lanyard
  • 30 Days of Set-Up Support


Download Scanfob® 2006 Product Data Sheet - PDF 

Physical Characteristics

  • W x L x H: 30mm x 62mm x 16 mm (1.18" x 2.44" x 0.63")
  • Weight: 28.35 g (1oz)

Power Source

  • Internal rechargeable Lithium-Polymer battery 3.7VDC, 240mAH.
  • Expected Battery Life: about 8hrs with average scanning frequency, about 10-12 hrs with light scanning.
  • Charge time approx 2.5hrs.
  • Charges via standard USB port with supplied USB-A male to OTG mini-A male cable.


  • Class 2 radio with Bluetooth (3.0) wireless technology has a maximum range of 30ft (10 m)
  • Supports Bluetooth Serial Port profile (SPP), and Bluetooth Keyboard (HID)

Operating Temp

0 to 50 °C (32 to 122 °F)


Ambient Light Rejection

  • Fluorescent: 3,000 lx max
  • Direct Sunlight: 50,000 lx max
  • Incandescent: 3,000 lx max


Two Year


Scanning Characteristics

  • Decode rate: 100 decodes/sec
  • Light source: 650 nm visible laser diode
  • Depth of field: 60 - 570 mm / 2.36 - 22.44 in (res. 1.0 mm / 39 mil), 40 - 360 mm / 1.57 - 14.17 in (res. 0.5 mm / 20 mil), 40 - 220 mm / 1.57 - 8.66 in (res. 0.25 mm / 10 mil), 40 - 120 mm / 1.57 - 4.72 in (res. 0.15 mm / 6 mil), 50 - 100 mm / 1.97 - 3.94 in (res. 0.127 mm / 5 mil) at PCS 0.9 UPC

Bar Code Symbologies Decoded: All Standard 1D symbologies:

JAN/UPC/EAN incl. add on, Codabar/NW-7, Code 11, Code 39, Italian Pharmaceutical, Code 93, Code 128, GS1-128 (EAN-128), GS1 DataBar (RSS), IATA, Industrial 2of5, Interleaved 2of5, ISBN-ISSN, Matrix 2of5, MSI/Plessey, S-Code, Telepen, Tri-Optic, UK/Plessey



  • Memory RAM: 1 MB
  • Memory FlashROM: 1 MB (Program storage + >25,000 barcodes + time stamp)
  • Keys: 1 scan button, 1 function button
  • Real time clock: Quartz RTC, time and date programmable, leap year handling, (accuracy +/- 60 sec./month)
  • Microprocessor: 32 bits
  • Battery: Lithium-Ion polymer rechargeable (240 mAH)
  • Charging: Main battery is charged via USB cable. Caution: Power source must not exceed 5V.

Maximum Barcode Digits: At least 70 digits (this is a long barcode - using numbers only about 13cm: code 128 @ 11mil)


Laser: JIS-C-6802 Class 2, IEC 60825-1 Class 2, FDA CDRH Class II



Silicon cover, and retracting reel


Click here to see comparison of Scanfob® 2006 Scanner and Motorola (Symbol) CS3070.

  • Small size can easily fit into a pocket and light enought to use on lanyard. 
  • True keychain sized, compare to other 'pocket' scanners like 1602g, CS3070
  • Lithium-Polymer battery provides 8 - 12 Hour of operation per charge, depending on amount of use.  USB charge cable included.
  • Internal memory provides batch storage for approximately 20,000 data scans, transferable via USB or Bluetooth.
  • Sound toggle provides the option to enable or disable scan beeps.
  • Compatible with the following bluetooth capable devices:
    • Android devices (2.1 and later) using the Grid-In-Hand® Mobile Grid application.
      (Serialio.com can also build an Android app for you that supports barcode & RFID scanners)
    • Apple iPad Air 1&2, iPad (all), iPad mini 3, iPad mini 2, iPad Mini, iPod Touch (all since gen3), iPhone 6 & plus, iPhone 5/5S, iPhone 4/4S, iPhone 3GS
    • Note: Serialio.com can build custom iPad/iPhone/iTouch apps to support custom barcode & RFID scanning needs - contact sales for a free consultation.
    • SerialMagic Windows 8/7/2008/Vista/XP/2003
    • Windows Phones (touch / non-touch - aka Windows Mobile Phones)
    • Mac OS X 10.4+
    • *SerialMagic Professional software may be required depending on Bluetooth support on device.
    • Supported by Grid-In-Hand® Mobile Grid solution framework for Android and iOS (iPad / iPhone / iPod Touch). Solutions for Attendance, Inspections, Delivery, Inventory, Ordering, Data Collection & more
      Click here for Mobile Grid solutions.
    • Order-In-Hand® Mobile Order for Android and iOS (iPad / iPhone / iPod Touch), take orders with ease and speed you never thought possible.
      Click here for Mobile Order information and examples
    • iScanBrowser for iOS - iPad / iPhone / iTouch - The absolute easiest way to scan Barcode & RFID data to web pages, also has kiosk features.
      Get iScanBrowser app from the App Store - Video: What is iScanBrowser?

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No Competition Even Comes CLOSE!

We saved 2.5 to 3 days time by scanning the inventory as opposed to manually entering it. Even better we saved $4,200 for the three handheld material transaction scanning units.



I recently implemented wireless scanning of inventory. Our ERP software uses a web interface to input data into the inventory. Upon initial research, I was distraught by the costs of the motorola and dolphin wireless barcode scanners. At $2,000 and up it was a tough sell to get the number of scanners I needed. Then I found Serialio.com and their Scanfob® Brand Bluetooth barcode scanner. The thought of pairing a barcode scanner with an iPod touch to scan inventory was exciting, the cost was a no-brainer and I picked one up to test it out. For our first inventory on the new system I was lucky enough to get my hands on a couple evaluation units of the "industry standard" scanners to test out up against my Scanfob® 200x Bluetooth laser barcode scanner. I was shocked by how difficult the other units were to configure and use, especially up against the iPod with Scanfob® 200x unit. I had multiple people try out each of the test units, as well as the Scanfob® 200xEvery single person chose the Scanfob® 200x as their prefered device. In total we saved two and a half to three days time by scanning the inventory as opposed to manually entering it. But that is not the best point! We saved approximately $1,400 each (including the price of an iPod touch). In total we saved $4,200 for the three handheld units we wanted scanning material transactions. We now get the benefit of using iOS's user friendly interface with the Scanfob® 200x barcode scanners. There is no competition that even comes close. I would recommend to anyone looking at buying a wireless barcode scanner, try out a Scanfob® 200x against the other units, and you will see that I am not leading you wrong. Please tell everyone this was written off the cuff, and I did not stretch the truth one bit. I appreciate your great product, and I will be buying more in the future. Thank you.

Scanfob® + SerialMagic Gears is perfect fit for retail company

We at Willy Street Co-op really love the Scanfob and SerialMagic Gears.

We use the Scanfob with an Android tablet in a retail environment and it is a quarter of the cost of an RF gun. We tried to use the camera scanner on the tablet but it couldn't capture all the different symbologies.

The Scanfob 2006 and SerialMagic Gears have been a significant financial and operational improvement for us.

Download the Scanfob® 2006 Scanner Quick Start Guide

Scanfob® 2006 Scanner Support Page

Using Your Scanfob® 2006 Scanner with Profit Bandit Application on Android - Set Up Instructions and Notes

Using Your Scanfob® 2006 Scanner with ScanPower Application on Android - Set Up Instructions and Notes

Explanation of different Bluetooth Modes

Note: Device may not be exactly as pictured.