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"...installation was trivial and it just plain worked. It's a beautiful thing..."customer testimonials.



Our customers span the range from major fortune 1000 companies to independent developers, and are located in over 60 countries world wide.


Mobile Barcode and RFID Business Solutions

Other Mobile Business Solutions

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Principalm . Discovery Software uses SerialMagic and the LaserChamp barcode scanners to barcode enable their Principalm application - wirelessly or using a tethered scanner - making life much easier for school administrators and staff.

ScanChamp® Engine. Interface with LaserChamp II (aka ROV), OPN-2001-USB, CS-1504 and other barcode scanners.

J. Polep and others use the ScanChamp engine and SerialPort with Java Applet running in the browser to provide product restocking for their clients using barcode scanners.

SerialPort Solutions

JavaTerm. The most platform flexible terminal program built with a single set of Java source code. Runs on PDAs and multi-processor mega servers. Screen shots.


Desktop Telex. WorldCom provides a gateway to the Global Telex Network. This application consists of several Java program running on several servers, as well as an optional client that is also written in Java.

Medical implant communications. Remon's proprietary technology is integrated into a minute implant, requiring no antenna, battery, or connecting leads. The system can either serve as a sensor, measuring parameters such as pressure, flow, temperature, and irradiation dosage, or as an activator for localized drug therapies and nerve or tissue stimulation. The implant contains an energy exchanger, a control chip, and a sensor or activator, all enclosed in a miniature casing, roughly the size of a grain of rice. The Remon solution also incorporates a specially developed external unit, capable of powering the implant and receiving information directly from the implanted sensor. SerialPort is used in the applications resident on the external units, specifically in the area of communications with hardware components including 1-wire devices (such as barometers and EEPRO Memory) and Digital Signal Processors (which in turn connect to Remon's proprietary signal transducer).

Socomec Sicon UPS leader in UPS manufacturing from 1kVA to 400kVA, has developed a Java based UPS management software named UNI VISION(tm). This software can manage UPS informations through serial port on up to 20 different Operating Systems. Customers can watch and manage the UPS behaviour locally or remotely using a standard web browser. The product includes many features including a local/remote shutdown manager (up to 70 clients running on different OS platforms) and a graphical Java Applet acting as a remote mimic panel.

Remote control digital camera interface. Point that camera this way or that way, and see what is there, all using the internet, or your LAN.

MeterMite. Read meter data using Java.

File transfer protocols. Transfer files using Xmodem, Ymodem, Zmodem, Kermit. These applications are 100% Java compliant. They can be used with SerialPort, or via any Java class that returns an InputStream/OutputStream.

GPSGaugeLite. A highly efficient GPS NMEA data stream parser and display. So efficient it works comfortably on a Psion 5mx with it's tiny 36 MHz ARM processor. Also provides a handy measuring method. The measuring method can be accurate to 3 meters when using a GPS receiver with Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS ).

FieldTalk. High-performance Modbus protocol for Java. "We bought your SerialPort which solved performance issues compared to SUN's COMM API."